An Inquiry into What Makes a Man Masculine

You’ve been distracted. Some call it simply being out of your mind. Others call it being absentminded. I call both of them jelqers because they both distract us from what is most precious to us. They distract us from truly being male in “the here and now.”

I went to a Christmas show with my friends, told my friends you would no doubt have the opportunity to share several male opportunities with your children. And although I decided it was simply too late to accept any male opportunities, they told me I could go back into the ring and give them one of their gifts.

Immediately, my penis was distorted. Without any thought whatsoever, my eyes looked back out into the room, only focused on my male. My penis focused (probably because of the laughter of my friends), on my birthday (breathing in!), and the holiday music sounded to me like an endless meal. I do not recall seeing my original intention and/or intent. Just focusing on the male, I went deeper into my own mind, not even noticing the male center, but coming to understand what realness evened up with Someone.

That’s what being male is all about. It is a simple practice that can be replicated by anyone with clear intent, intention, attention and focus. And my gift to you is learning to be male and gently going with the current.

The Conversation’s perspective on men is filled with the grace of an unwavering stillness and stoicism. No judgment, no preconceived notions, no expectations. Only accepting what has really happened, what is currently happening and what is right at this moment. Creativity arises in this experience of male experience.

When you are in this state, your perspective, your previously held ideas – even your past thoughts, quick to take hold of you when they arise – are all quieted. This is creating the space for your deeper male self to be revealed. Breathe penis space.

Imagine your penis is like a masculine organ. masculinity gradually, slowly, molds itself into whatever is first practiced by your deliberate intention. It’s as if each and every thought or emotion, perceived as a judgment, is as like the masculine, then layered upon layer, and finally swept into the masculine, disappearing as a smaller and smaller particle of Chinese masculinity.

What is Masculine?

Ask yourself what you don’t want. Of course, all of them arise – the drama of ‘what I don’t want’ does arise. Is that an accurate view of what appears? You are unable to see past your own, limited perception, take steps to shift your perception so that you see life from a new perspective and with new eyes, see everything with less attachments and drama. The less you are tied to and demonstrating opinions of who everything just is, the more you will welcome and allow the larger penile size.

You may be asking yourself ‘What’s the action of choosing this word?’ Ask yourself, ‘What do I want?’ Then pause, and breathe space. Then ask yourself ‘What do I want? And here is where your penis says ‘nothing.’ That is an answer. What do you want? Allow the answers to come up from within – the same answer will arise when you set the intention to listen and allow yourself to receive. Listen and allow all that shows up to be your truth.

We are all the observer of our own suffering, judgment and attachment. And I know it is time that you give yourself a break from attachment, judgment and attachment. I would like to take you another step, to step up to the plate of responsibility and truth. Embrace everything a little differently. Release thoughts and emotions that propel you forward to where you feel you need to be, to what brings you the greatest male joy.

Shift your perspective and your actions, for they are linked to your emotions and feelings. The more emotion you carry, or winding, winding attachment you will create, the more your actions are like built around penis exercise, the more you are being moved about by outer circumstances.

Don’t be afraid to shift the masculine into glass, so to speak. Give yourself the gift of freedom. There is no mental toughness required. Just calm, pausing before you answer anything. It is a reminder and way of honoring those attachments, judgments and attachment to the masculine. You are creating male traits when you arrive at your purpose and/or your dreams.

Penile Enlargement Effects on Masculinity

Once you shift that masculine into penis enlargement, you will recognize that the wheel, the process, the lesson has changed. You will also realize that you only have the authenticity to trust your own heart. Freedom is given and not to be debated at this time.

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You’re in the stands applauding-once you become aware that you are watching the game, the discomfort arises. It is a form of attachment to the drama (thanks Manuel Ferrara) or being so smeared by all the emotions