Exuding passion in a relationship

Are you in love or in lust with your new man? Wondering whether he feels the same way? Do you find yourself in situations which suggest you both are attracted to one another; but do not know how he feels about you? Very often you can be so clueless as to what drives a man wild. We are not talking about physical attraction here; we are simply talking about emotional attraction.

Men fall in love for several different reasons. And while many of men have a strong sense of emotional attraction which is somewhere in the middle, others may be caught in lust which is much more distasteful.

If you find yourself wrapped up in emotional attraction, there is a very high likelihood you are involved with a man in lust rather than in love. This is because lust only develops over time, and when it does, it takes a different direction than emotional attraction.

If you want to make sure that you are not involved in lust-based relationship, then this article will help you to understand the difference. Here you will learn what really creates emotional attraction, and how you can use it to drive him wild.

What creates emotional attraction?

To begin with, there is a very fine line between creating emotional attraction and falling in love. If you think of the word ‘falling’, you will think of a natural event. You fall from trees or heights, you fall into a river, or your family and friends Fall into a massive holeā€¦

But in contrast to this, falling in love only comes about through the influence of your emotions. Love happens to us as a result of many event, which can include infatuation, falling from great heights, falling from great depths, ordinary daily life situations, extraordinary experiences, and many more.

It’s not as easy as breathing for us. Emotions follow which are powerful.

It’s only after several emotions have built up, and caused by many individual events, that we finally come together and fall in love.

So if you want to build emotional attraction with a man, you should try to always build up great emotional feelings with yourself first.

How? Just by having positive experiences.

Whenever you are hanging out together, be completely certain and unwavering in your positive feelings. Never negative at all and consider this the rule of the place you want to create emotional attraction with the man you want to have.

In other words, NEVER make consider what he may have done to you in the past, what he may think about now, what he may feel about it PERSONALLY. Don’t even consider him from an emotional point of view. Otherwise you may fall into the same emotional trap that you may have fall into before and hate yourself for it.

When you are hanging out, be hundred-percent enthusiastic about everything he does. So enthusiastic that it will be obvious that you are trying too hard to be positive and happy, instead of trying to be yourself and to appreciate each other’s differences and positive differences.

Hence you do the two biggest mistakes guys make which totally destroy their possibility of developing emotional attraction with a woman. That’s why you should invest your time in positive, fun hang outs with the guy.

Be laughingly happy about life. It has a way of attracting men and helping them know you’re out to have some wicked good fun. When you are happy, the people around you will be happy.

And when a man sees that his woman is genuinely happy, he won’t be afraid to want to be around you because you’ll appear to have no problems in life. Have fun!

Seriously, if you want him to find you irresistible, then leave all the usual confining stories behind. Be free to be yourself. Think of the big picture, and concentrate on making him laugh, make him smile, make him feel good and comfortable, and enjoy yourself. That is the most straightforward way to truly exude pure passion in your relationship.