Flirting with a guy you fancy

Asking what are the ways of flirting with a guy, you might feel as if there’s something carries so natural and instinctive within you that it can’t help but to come forth. It’s classic and radar has been known to work well but most often you do have to ask from what source the tips are available. What you need is something that goes beyond the point of no return and works practically every time.

Wear all the sexy clothes you have on. Show some skin, yeah that’s right! But don’t dress in something that would give you away or make you totally irresistible – in other words, dress seductively but with some degree of moderation. And while sex is the objective, do your best to blend it with mystery and uncertainty. Even though obvious signals of wanting sex are often unnoticed by men, it’s better to play it cool and play the long game.

Smile with your best features. The truth is that most people are drawn to a great smile. This is no time to play coy, no need to get all fuzzy and reveal yourself! Now is the time to stop being shy with guys and smile and show yourself and let them do the discovering. You will see, they will get more protective in their yet researches.

Be fun to be with.This is the make or break factor. Your guy must decide that you are simply too fun to spend time with because if you’re not fun to be with, he wouldn’t want to be with you. And if he finds you to be too much of fun because of too many articles of clothing, then he will have to find out what else you’re good at!

Be yourself but add nuances.This will add to your mysteriousness and keep him guessing as to what you really are and what it is that you will do next. This is also the time to add in bits and pieces of who you are so that he will want to be with you all the time.

Never attempt to get too close. More often than not, too much closeness leads to either a grabber or a touchy feely relationship. And both options can get out of hand. Make your moves calculated and less physical and more subtle. If you are just getting to know a guy, it is much better if you just do a hand shake. It is less threatening and more free to interpretation that there is no real goal or aim in mind.

Be more popular than popular. Be the life of the party. Be the most active and start conversations. It’s alright being first, it is quite possible. But attempt to be always the most talked about, be the most fashionable and be the most enthusiastic and charming. It’s the role that you play that will make you into a guy magnet.

Be blessed beyond measure. Unending amounts of sincere grace and beauty never fail to attract a man. Make it a point that he sees and notices you all the time. Always make sure that you are well-dressed and refined. Never let him forget how stunning and beautiful you are.

Never let sense of humor be outside of your scope. You have to remember that you are not a comic genius. So avoid telling jokes and things that will make you look dumb. By all means, you should make him laugh. But sense of humor involves men as well. You can attract them even more if you know how to do it properly.

Be very patient and let him see your good points. Maybe he isn’t the perfect guy, but that is totally normal. But you know you are blessed with some good qualities. Make him see them and most probably he will find you more interesting. If it’s not your qualities he likes, at least one by yourself, then perhaps you can try to be more exciting, neat and charming so that he will notice you.

Be yourself pure and simple.What will you do if he doesn’t like you for who you are? So you know you have a great potential in this relationship because you are good-looking and have an ego, but what else is there to your personality and what can you offer? You need to leave the rest to his imagination. Keep him wanting for more of you.