Tricks to get him to kiss you

Sometimes you can get a little bit frustrated in trying to make a guy kiss you. You might not be getting the results you want and don’t have the right attitude as well. These tips will help you to turn into a real guy kisser.

Be confident about your charms. The way you look, dress and walk will give the guy a clear message. Be confident of not just your charm but of your beauty as well. Don’t look like a galker but be subtle about it. You will make him want to kiss you like crazy if you look every inch the stunner that you truly are! Get him to notice you.

In addition, be stimulating and sensual. Your look will help you become a guy kisser. Look sexy and exciting. Dress in a way that draws the attention of a man. If you have special assets then you will be able to capture his attention at every turn. Always keep anything you wear smelling fresh.

Stay equally aware of his distinct body language. Another way to become a sensual body language opportunities is to stay equally aware of his body language. Do you find him looking at you? Do you find him giving you slow glances? Do you find him smiling at you? These are ways to encourage him to come closer and kiss you.

Relax the words and emotions you want to express. Choose your moments wisely when you want to say something. Don’t be too overt or go overboard with your flirting. Give him subtly hints that you are interested in him and he will respond positively. This is a game – give him a challenge and he will fall for it.

Make him move towards you. When you want him to kiss you then instead of encouraging him to kiss you, you may want to helplessly hold him. A hug or a knee jerk will send him emotions and strong signals.

Don’t be afraid to encourage the kiss. If he is a little nervous to kiss you (including if he appears to be nervous), appreciate him and encourage him. Tell him how great he looks and what a wonderful person he is to date. Smile at him suggestively and set up a romantic moment for the two of you to break the ice. The kiss will come naturally!

Wait till that moment is right. The touch, smile, play and temptation will be there all the time. It is only a matter of waiting till you find the right moment to break the kiss. Men are disorganized creatures and it will take you a long while to break them! Don’t be impatient by giving him signals.

Wait till you see a positive response. If you find him responding to your smiles and compliments and ensuring that he does not hide you away – don’t push it. He may need more time to make up his mind. Give him some time and space and he will find the courage to kiss you soon!